How to use quartz stone in reception areas?

The reception area is customers’ first impressions on a company’s competence or culture. First impressions are lasting impressions. The view of a front desk or the atmosphere of a reception space will often have some important impact on the business.

Therefore, […]

Using quartz stone products in commercial projects

Why are quartz stone products becoming popular in commercial projects?

When quartz stone was first launched, the market was mainly focused on high-end residential applications such as kitchen countertops due to its high price. As a perfect substitute […]

Popular edge profiles for quartz countertops

Edge profile is an important detail of quartz countertops. It not only affects the style of the kitchen and space, but has a big effect on function of cleaning, safety and durability.

There’re various types of edge profiles for quart countertops. […]

How to identify the quality of quartz stone?

Let’s start from how quartz stone is made. Making quartz stone is just like making cookies. First, mix the raw materials such as flour, cream, eggs and other ingredients according to a certain ratio. Second, make the shape and color […]

What are the trendy quartz colors in 2020?

Quartz has become the king of kitchen countertops and vanity tops. If you are planning to import quartz stone or quartz countertops from China, it would be better to know the most recent trends in the market so as to […]

Why choose quartz stone?

With the rapid development of quartz stone industry, the production technology, the capacity and the quality have increased drastically, while the prices have become more competitive. Now quartz stone have been widely used in kitchen countertops(kitchen worktops in Europe or […]